So, you have your Logo Design, Business Cards and Social Media graphics, so NOW WHAT? Don’t just stop there, a lot of people don’t realize the importance of brand strategy and why a brand strategist is what they need to have a successful growing business.


Step 1

Let’s decide on a topic of discussion for a successful business/brand?

  • E-Commerce selling strategies

  • Blogging for business/brand

  • Personal Branding

  • Revamping Business/Brand

  • Small business branding

  • Designs for business/brand

  • Search Engine Optimization for Website

  • Branding Resources

  • Business/Brand Purpose

  • Branding Guide for Business/Brand

  • Other

Step 2

Select from one of the packages below, one you have purchased your package. We will send out a general business information form for you to complete and have back over to use within 7 business days along with your scheduled session. 

Step 3

Purchase which session you are interested in for your business/brand and we look forward to chatting with you.

… and that’s it, just 3 easy steps to get your business/brand jumpstart and on the right path to a successful business venture. 


You may ask what it is to the Promotional package? Does your business/brand have a BIG event coming up and need to get the word out, need help with consistency of your brand throughout your social media, or need help with consistent scheduling of business posts? Well these packages WILL get the job done!  

*For additional months feel free to shoot us an email so that we can discuss additional pricing.

What packages consist of:

• Periodically posts throughout social media (using Hootsuite) as an umbrella

• Shares and mentions, including direct messages

• Posting onto personal/business social media accounts

• Selling tickets (profit)

• Distributing flyers

• Spreading through word of mouth and my personal and business page

• Attend the events (optional)

• Networking with other businesses/companies

• Increase followers/likes/people talking about it

• Brainstorm objectives/goals/strategies/tactics with clients, implement them & evaluate results