How it all started & look at where we are now!

I want to share my story and hope someday, any day, today it may inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs! If you were to ask me while growing up, what did I want to be when I grew up.” I would have said a veterinarian because of my love for animals. Not knowing that I had this little creativity brewing inside of me. I got to college, applied for the graphic design program (which was SUPER competitive) didn’t get into the program. So, I immediately switched over to Advertising & Public Relations and got my degree within the School of Communications. Needless to say that was by far one of the best things that I could have ever done. Not even paying attention to the path that God had already created for me, it was destined for me to take my graphic designing skills and put them to use to create brand identities and advertisements for local businesses.

That’s when I knew I had found my niché. Before going to college I had always been the girl who was using Paint Shop Pro and I knew how to make some mean collages. Everyone loved them and of course wanted their own. But then I got some of my fellow peers or friends who challenged me to create some professional things for them. Played around with that (and of course I needed a better software and more practice) But I will say one thing is for sure, those people who trusted me in making these things for them played a major role in my confidence of sticking things out and perfecting my skills.

During college, I was mastering my techniques coming up with better ways to design within the ADOBE creative suites WAS NOT EASY, but I was determined! I was able to self teach myself all while improving my graphic design skills, from helping out with graphics within my organizations, part flyers, then Logos. Creating other people’s logos for their brands made it really officially. So, guess what that’s when I decided to take this very business card

and update it. I wanted my “on the side hustle” to be taken serious so within that of course I needed to work on a logo, flyers, my website, social media content all for my business. Whatever to get my name out and make my business stand out to show people they should go with me for their design needs. Every year of my business I have been learning more and more things and it has honestly been a journey for me.

I had a vision and knew I wanted it to be perfect because this was my little baby. That I had invested time & money into.

Fast forward...almost 5 years in, I couldn’t have asked for anything more within Twenty One Design and Promotions