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YOU are you biggest supporter

Hey y’all and I guess it's still safe to say happy 2019 since we're still in the second month of the new year. Let’s start off on new perspectives and outlook of things if you're a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about support, now we know support is such a very sensitive topic to everyone especially business owners or entrepreneurs. Don’t get me wrong. I use to be one of those individuals who use to make posts about people supporting one another and why is it so hard to get support from people or people only supporting celebrities, etc.

I use to question it all the time like why don’t people support me? Seeing as I’ve always been the type of person to support whoever, even if I didn't know them. I have the mindset to make sure everybody gets put on and make it to the top even when there's nothing in return. Because that’s what’s it’s all about right? As time went by with my business and me launching another business with my T-shirt lines, I realized in some way shape or form society has brain washed us to think that if no one is supporting you then your brand or business won’t be successful and that is NOT true at all.

Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have support from time to time and it always helps keep us motivated and pushing thru the tough times, but at the end of the day. I/YOU are your biggest supporter. No one else is going to support you like you would support yourself. No one else is going to rock your brand as much as you’re going to rock it. No one is going to go hard for your success like you will. If you're a business owner in the design industry (graphics, art, drawing, or painting) put up your own art work in your home, gift your friends with things sometimes it's not ALWAYS about the dollar sign. If you're in apparel/clothing line wear your apparel from head to toe so much that people begin to ask you do you wear other brand clothes anymore? Wear your brand on your sleeve and have confidence in knowing you don't NEED the support from other, but you want it and even if you don't get it it's not going to make or break your business flow.

Always keep a daily reminder that you’re going to be your biggest supporter and as long as you don’t set your mind up to expect support from others you will focus more of that attention towards your brand/business. Once you began to let that go watch how much your business shifts and I guarantee you the support that you do get will never go unnoticed and will make you appreciate it more.

A group of women supporting each other.

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