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Mompreneurship is harder than I thought

Let me tell y’all something, I knew once I had my son I would have some much needed down time to work on some personal things and my business even some client jobs as well. NO!! Man was I wrong, if only life was that simple. You get people asking you, when are you going on leave from your business? Are you still going to work on your business after you have your baby? etc. Well let me tell ya something, I only semi took off 30 days from my business once my son was born, because bills were still due, along with food and a roof over my head.

When I say it has for sure been the biggest adjustment of my life starting out when I even found out I was pregnant, I lost my mojo of being on top of things. From writing in my planner every week, staying organized, making sure I budgeted for my paydays, I pretty much fell off. So of course I was determined to get things make in order after I had him.

Mannnn when I say I had so much planned during my maternity leave. Ask me did I even do half of the things I said I was going to do? Uhh no!! Lol I barely made a dent in that list, but I also had to come to the realization it’s ok if I didn’t. Seeing as I did just give birth to a little human being, had my first ever surgery and needed to recover all while learning how to figure out this thing called mommy-hood.

You always here moms don’t get enough credit and honestly WE don’t. We do so much after a baby is brought into this world even the first 24 hours of birth, never complaining, still tending to the house, cooking, all while taking care of the kids. It’s amazing to me because we “multi-balance,” not multi-task, multi-balance every single thing we have going on in our life.

These last couple weeks I’ve felt so discouraged with my business and with my leave quickly coming to an end doubting how will I still run a freelance business, work a 9-5, still tend to home and raise my son? I wanted to give up so badly because of course that’s the easy way out. But why throw away something that I’ve worked so very hard for? Why give up my business that will be 6 years old this month?? Why? Just to say I took the easy way out. I’ve always went hard for all the other things I wanted so what’s different now?

It’s crazy when you sit back and think about all the things on your plate and what you have to complete, but in reality all you really have to do is take a step back and consider these few key things:

  • If you have the support system ask for help!!

  • Refocus your mindset!

  • Block off times in the day when you know you can work on the tasks that you have to complete.

  • Be realistic with your goals and/or client’s jobs you accept, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

  • Don’t forget self care, don’t just be out here working working working and forget about yourself or you’ll burn out.

  • Know sometimes it’s not always about the business. You may need a break to spend time with your kid(s) or family. That’s when shutting down your business for a day or two comes in handy.

  • DO NOT beat yourself up if you can’t complete your tasks.

I suggest these key things because these are all the things that I know I need to work on to continue to have my freelance business, get back to my 9-5 and be the best mother possible for my child. Yes it’s easier said then done, but question is do you really want it bad enough? I can’t see myself giving up on my business (my first baby) so why would I give up on my clients? I know they wouldn’t give up on me, without them I wouldn’t have the business that I have now. I know it’s going to take time, patience and consistency, but I’m hear for the long haul. Things will fall into place as they should and I will just take it step by step, day by day.

Signed a new mommy

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