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New to this Blog world!

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

With the updating of my website and launching another website for my T-Shirt line things have been a bit crazy, but I must say this NEW site is to NEW beginnings. With me adding way more things to my site, not to clutter or overwhelm people, but to allow for my clients to access things to jump start their process more efficiently with Twenty One Design and Promotions.

I am BRAND NEW to this Blogging world, but I figure I'd give it shot and share some of my experiences, knowledge, resources and many more things pertaining to entrepreneurship, small businesses, and resourceful articles.

When I was little I use to always write down how I felt and what I was doing so why not add it to my site and give back for a greater cause! I hope you all have gotten a chance to check out my revamped website and if you're a business owner or have a brand hopefully we can work together in the near future. Thank you all for reading!

Photo Credit: Laura Caruso

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